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Road Reclamation Division
Full Depth Road Reclamation
with Emulsion, Foamed Asphalt, & Liquid Calcium Chloride
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What is Full Depth Road Reclamation?

Full Depth Road Reclamation is the process of taking deteriorated asphalt pavement and transforming it into suitable road base through the process of pulverization and stabilization.

Step 1:  Pulverization

Through the use of a road reclaimer-recycler the existing asphalt and underlying base material is pulverized to an optimum depth base on a mix design established prior to the start of construction.  On average, this depth will range from 4" to 18" on asphalt thickness and overall road material.

Step 2:  Shaping, Removing, Adding Material

Once the material has been pulverized it is time to ensure that the right amount of material exists based on the proposed grades for the new pavement section.  This may involve the removal of material.  If for example we are dealing with a roadway that has curb and we want the roadway to return to its original grade then we need to make room for minimal asphalt overlay that will be placed over the reclaimed pavement section.  In this case we need to remove the volume of materials that presently exists to make room for the overlay.  If we want to raise the road the we may need to add some virgin aggregate.  In many cases we adjust the grades to make use of all the existing material ensuring an extremely durable reclaimed pavement section.  During this step, we will also check for any soft areas, which may exist in the sub grade.  In most cases, the addition or elimination of material will be minor if not non-existent.

Step 3:  Stabilization

In this step a stabilizing agent is mixed into the pulverized material.  There are three types of stabilizing agents that can be incorporated.  Foamed asphalt, Emulsion, or Liquid Calcium Chloride.  While all agents work well, the choice of stabilizing agents should be based on pre-testing of the road to be reclaimed.  After the incorporation of the stabilizing agent the road is put on final grade and compacted.  Once this is done, the road is now ready for top coarse pavement.

Why Reclaim?

1.  Allows for the complete reconstruction of the pavement with little or no excavation and removal costs.

2.  Allows for the reuse of all existing aggregate, saving stone costs.

3.  Lower reconstruction costs without sacrificing quality.

4.  Saves time, construction of roadway is completed much faster.

5.  Environmentally friendly.  Materials are recycled...  little or no dumping of waste materials required.

For more detailed information,
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